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Lion Cub's Cookies Columbus story

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The Story

It all started in Columbus, OH as just a hobby in January 2019. I had just gotten back from the holidays at my Mom’s and was craving one of those fresh baked, awesome cookies I had eaten just a few days prior. So, with a little help and advice from my Mom who used to own a bakery, I began baking cookies all the time. Fast forward a few months and Lion Cub’s Cookies was born!

Why Lion Cub’s Cookies you ask? Well, back when I was a kid my dad referred to me as the little lion cub, given my off the wall energy and wild hair like a lion’s mane. So, the name is my way of sharing my childhood with you, and my childhood was full of fresh baked, warm, ooey-gooey cookies.

“Fresh baked, warm cookies right out of the oven always give me that tingly feeling of comforting nostalgia.”

I hope you too, experience something special when you try these cookies. However, you’ll also experience something new, these cookies will be a little different then anything you’ve likely tried before…

Lion Cub’s Cookies are different. Lion Cub’s Cookies are big! Lion Cub’s Cookies are thicc! Lion Cub’s Cookies are warm and gooey on the inside with just the right amount of crunch on the outside! Whether you’re sharing these cookies with your family on a breezy Sunday afternoon, or you’re stressed out from a hard day at work and simply need a big ole decadent cookie, we’re here for you!

I hope the experience these cookies bring you is a memorable one, one that makes you feel something different, and brings a smile to your face…because at the end of day, that’s all that matters to me.

Lion Cub's Cookies big warm cookies Columbus Ohio


Do you deliver?

Yes, we now offer delivery!  

All details on how, when, where, etc. can be found on the delivery tab on our site !

How can I see where you guys will be next?

Follow us on Instagram @LionCubsCookies where we post regular updates (and tantalizing photos of our doughy delights), or check our website under the “Where We Are” section.  We look forward to seeing you at our next pop-up!

Do you serve all the cookies on your website at once?

Check under the menu section of our website to see how we handle this!      

Do you cater?

We handle catering on a case by case basis, shoot us an email at hello@lioncubscookies.com and we’re happy to discuss!  As a starting point, we typically ask for a minimum order of 24 cookies (additional cookies in increments of 12 after that), and delivery is an option depending on location!  Our availability to fulfill these orders depends on staff availability and kitchen availability – we currently operate out of a shared kitchen which has a first come first serve scheduling system!

Can I order for pickup or by telephone?

At this time we do not do this but, it’s something that’s on our radar once we have a permanent spot we can call home.

Do you make gluten-free cookies?

We know how to make a GF version of most of our cookies and they’re REALLY good! However, we don’t currently offer these, something we’ll definitely revisit in the future though!  

How do I become a taste tester for Cub's?

Taste tester?!  That’s right!  All you have to do is give us a follow on IG @LionCubsCookies, then look out for posts and stories where we ask if you wanna come in for some free cookies to try out!  The reason we do this you ask?  We believe firmly it’s about you, we only want to give you a nice, warm cookie you won’t forget.  So, this is our way of having you tell us what you like.