Our Story

What started as a small pop-up, blossomed into a store front in the heart of Columbus making the BEST and FRESHEST cookies in the City!


80+Flavors on Rotation

What We Do

(we bake cookies - big fresh ones!)

At Lion Cub’s Cookies we’re passionate about crafting the ultimate cookie experience. We are a cookie shop unlike any other! We start by hand-making our dough daily from scratch, using only the finest ingredients. Then, we bake these beauties to perfection right in front of you, ensuring a warm, fresh-out-of-the-oven treat every single visit.

The result? A delightful textural contrast – a slight crunch on the outside gives way to a ooey-gooey center bursting with flavor. It’s everything you love about cookies, elevated to a whole new level!


Who We Are

(we're a small team - with big cookie dreams)

We’re a passionate team of over 50, all united by a delicious mission: baking the freshest cookies in Central Ohio. We use only the finest ingredients to hand-craft our cookies fresh daily, ensuring unwavering quality with every bite. But for us, cookies are more than just a treat – they’re a way to connect with our community. We’re constantly seeking ways to delight our customers from offering new and exciting flavors to providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere in our stores. We believe in respecting and valuing every team member and every customer. Because after all, the best cookies in Columbus are only possible because of the amazing people who make it all happen – together!


How We Got Here

(because our customers love us)

Our journey began in 2019 with a folding table, a dream, and a local market. We quickly became a Columbus cookie sensation, but the pandemic threw us a curveball.

With just 6 pop-ups under our belt, we pivoted to delivery, which was fueled by passion and, of course, cookies! Our small team hand-delivered happiness from a shared kitchen, managing orders via Instagram DMs. Delivery exploded, and within months, we needed a permanent home. Our amazing community stepped up, helping us reach our crowdfunding goal in a record 30 hours! THANK YOU!

June 2021 marked the grand opening of our first store in Grandview. We have big dreams and even bigger plans for the future!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: we will never sacrifice on quality, we will always create lasting connections with our customers, and we will only treat people fairly and with respect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join your Roaring Rewards program?

Simple, go to this link here!




You’ll get 50 FREE points (1 FREE cookie) just for signing up with this link!


Not interested in loyalty but  you’d like to receive the latest news via text message, simply text JOIN to 855-873-9552!

How does your 2-hour rule work?

We are EXTREMELY dedicated to Truly Fresh Cookies!  Our belief is that cookies are best served right out of the oven, and that is why we have the 2-hour rule!


We do not sell cookies that have been ready for more than 2 hours!  So, once a cookie has come out of the oven and has cooled down just enough to serve, the clock starts ticking!


If a cookie is out longer than two hours, we will no longer sell it.  This doesn’t happen too often though as we are good at controlling when to bake more/less based on demand!


It doesn’t stop there though, if we do have ‘timed out’ cookies, we do our best to spread some love with those cookies as they are still very delicious!


Most notably, we partner with Food Rescue and other various charities, organizations, food banks, etc.  We will also pass these cookies out to other businesses in the area, or simply give them to our team members  to enjoy with friends and family!


*Due to chilling times and increased preservation of freshness from cold temperatures, we have a different freshness rule for our chilled cookies that still guarantees you receive a Truly Fresh Cookie. We also have a slightly different but similar rule for our Dunk-a-Lions,

Do you deliver?

We do not currently offer delivery although we hope to resume our delivery service at some point in the near future!

How does your menu work?

Some flavors change weekly, some change monthly, some don’t change at all!


First, we always have a weekly special, usually seasonally inspired!


Next, each month we carry some form of Cookies ‘n Cream, Iced Sugar, and Chocolate based cookies!


Finally, we always have Chocolate Chip!

Do you cater?

We do offer catering!


We offer both King Size and Cub Size cookies (24 cookie minimum) for catering!  The cub-size are great for large gatherings as they are half the size of our King Size!


Minimum 3-hour advance notice required, however, the further in advance you order the better so you can lock in that order spot! You can place a catering order through our website up to 28 days in advance! 


Delivery currently unavailable for catering but this will change soon!


We recommend cookies be picked up the same day they are eaten.  If they are for another day, we recommend watching the how to store/reheat cookies video in the FAQ section of our website for best practices 

Maximum Catering Order Size?

Catering orders can be placed directly through the website up to 192 king size cookies or 286 cub size cookies.


For orders larger than this, please email hello@lioncubscookies.com!

Can I order for pickup or by telephone?

We don’t take orders by phone but you can place pickup orders through our website by clicking the ‘Order Now’ button and selecting pickup!


This will allow you to skip the line when coming into the shop!

Do you make gluten-free and/or vegan cookies?

At this time we do not offer any gluten-free or vegan options but is something we may consider in the future, never say never!

How do I become a taste tester for Lion Cub's?

Taste tester?!  That’s right!  


All you have to do is join our Roaring Rewards Program and follow us on Instagram or Facebook @LionCubsCookies. Be on the look out for texts, posts and stories where we ask if you wanna come in for some free cookies to try out!  


The reason we do this you ask?  We believe firmly it’s about you, we only want to give you a nice, fresh cookie you won’t forget.  So, this is our way of having you tell us what you like.

How do you handle known allergens (peanuts and tree nuts)?

Anytime there is a cookie with any type of nut in it, it is either indicated in the cookies name, or it is mentioned below the cookie in the description (for both online and in-store orders).


In addition, we take several precautions to not cross contaminate while in the kitchen.  Specifically, we thoroughly wash and sanitize cookie dough making equipment before and after all allergen laden batches.  Also, when boxing cookies we have separate spatulas used for cookies with nuts in them.


At this time however, we will only put nut-laden cookies in different packaging than our other cookies if specifically asked to do so.


That said, we do process our nut-free cookie dough on equipment that also processes nuts, so, we advise extreme caution if there is any concern of an allergic reaction.  That is to say, we recommend anyone who may have an allergic reaction to our cookies due to the above stated fact to not eat the cookies.  We take your safety very seriously, safety and caution is always the best practice!


If you have questions, concerns, or want to know more about this or any other allergy, please email us at hello@lioncubscookies.com!

What's the best way to store and reheat cookies?

Check out our fun, animated video below!


Do online pick up orders and catering orders earn Roaring Rewards points?

Yes! Simply enter in the email and phone number associated with your Roaring Rewards account on the checkout screen and your points will be automatically added to your account!

Why can't I redeem points online?

If the option to redeem loyalty points is not appearing on the checkout screen, verify the email address and phone number are correct. Additionally, if there are cookies and a gift card in the cart, each will need to be placed in separate transactions in order to redeem points.

Gift card purchases do not earn points. Points are earned when gift cards are used to purchase cookies.

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